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24h Samedi / Merge Down



BRIEF: “Hot, Hot, Hot!” is a collection of static and animated digital art reflecting on love, longing, and existential loneliness. A self-exploration of the feminine form; an introspective odyssey upon the digital seas only touching briefly the sensual shores of the real world. Named after each of the 7 days of the week in French & English words/phrases; this piece represents 1 day consisting of: 1 primary static image + 5 alternate glitch states (used to create a separate animation).


For millennia the feminine form has been appropriated, commodified, objectified, curated, policed, and brutalized by men and for the male gaze.

Today, unconditional self-acceptance of feminine bodies remains an act of radical self-love and still carries risk of violence in a deeply misogynist culture. The luxury of safe self-expression is elusive; only further complicated by age, color, creed, sex, gender, ability, sexuality, and class. Whether it be in real or digital spaces, feminine bodies are treated with a spectrum of toxic hostile reactions from self-appointed patriarchal enforcers who take it upon themselves to steal joy, love, life, and happiness from any female (sex or gendered) persons that exercise their self-sovereignty in public or private; real or digital spaces. Despite the culture of terror, the feminine aspect of humanity is asserting herself and sisters are embodying in their power.


When the last grain of dust settles on the digital frontier what will the real world look and feel like? Will NFB’s (non-fungible-beings) and their fleshy forms be treasured or despised? Will the real world lay in rubble? Does a world still reeling from the pandemic return to desperately pressing flesh against flesh; or will glass, silicone, and electricity be the sole comforts accessible to those inside of a deepening dystopian nightmare?

What does love, intimacy, and vulnerability look and feel like in the future? How does it feel in the present? Will the essential need of skin to skin contact between human beings drive our species to create teleportation devices out of sheer desperation? As HD gives way to 4K, 6K, 8K, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, how far can we, and will we, push ourselves across the world; across the universe — at the speed of light — in search of love?

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Updates each hour in a 24-hour cycle.

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