A Money Tree from the Cedar Tavern

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A Money Tree from the Cedar Tavern



A 'Money Tree', or Pachira Aquatica is said to bring good financial fortune and positive 'chi', or energy, into a home. I'm interested in plants and organic structures, here from an artistic perspective and as a means of (abstract) expression in various media including photographic art, also to confront both a seasonal (winter) and social (covid/omicron) mood. We still have so much to learn from plants: architecturally, spiritually, scientifically... A main objective is simply to take the viewer closer or 'inside' the houseplant over 24 hours and to explore and appreciate its details via unusual perspectives, perhaps finding inspiration in the organic design. The 24 individually-enhanced, selected images are not tied to the hours from any single day but have been chosen to follow a loose progression; my own adventure or preoccupation. You could say this Money Tree is a reflection of its unique growth and my small mission to find out (or 'see') the details of this growth. Why do we strive to explore and enhance Nature? Perhaps we want to make it more attractive than it is, to increase its appeal, and energy, and to impress the passive viewer (within) somehow through our diverse bids for control and freedom? The result: this new form of 'super' Money Tree as a dynamic NFT. The process of art can be as obsessive as studying money markets, or finding global cures for viruses, and it's a question which relates to an ongoing series titled 'Organic Metaverse'. It aims to explore our need for being lost in the natural world, already present, right before our eyes, and where 'a fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.' (Blake). Most of art is a safe form of exploring, so let's set out again, and possibly reveal more of the less familiar and hidden things, or just find sanctuary there.

ade mc 2022

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