Warrioress | Twisted Tree No. 2

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Warrioress | Twisted Tree No. 2



This is 'Warrioress'. She is the second of my Twisted Trees, and she also changes through the year's worth of seasons in 24 hours. She is a 1/1 creation. Watch for a few of the Wild Ozark critters to appear in this one: bobcat, deer, and bear. These are all critters that live here at Wild Ozark.

All of my NFT work begins with a real painting in handmade Ozark watercolor pigments. To make my paints, I gather, crush, and process rocks I find here in the creeks or on our land in northwest Arkansas USA. When I paint a Twisted Tree, I don't know how they will look until their personality reveals themselves to me. Each one is unique.

I made modifications to the painting for this NFT by adding hand-drawn or photography elements. The leaves are hand-drawn and digitally edited. The animals began as photo captures from our game camera. Other differences from the real-life original, like the flowers and weather elements, for example, are done digitally.

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