O tempo voa

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O tempo voa



Wake up early or late Drink coffee Take care of the house Talk with the plants Play with cats Stretch Hug someone Take a sunbath Do crochet or embroider Read newspaper, magazine, book... Play an instrument To cook To play Keep your head in the clouds, the moon or another planet Light an incense, energize Listen to music Photograph a place To think in a big love Look at the moon and stars To dance Drink a wine with snacks Have a night of love See that simple things can transform us or transform our days To thank for having completed, lived and won another day.

24h seems like a short time. Sometimes we have to stop and have little moments to ourselves. Anyway, we don't know when our day will be incomplete.


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3840 x 3840 px



Updates each hour in a 24-hour cycle.

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(GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

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