Violin 1 - The leading voice

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Violin 1 - The leading voice



Variation 1 (Traditional) – This interpretation by star violinist Dalibor Karvay sets the main theme of the traditional composition and is strictly represented by fully grown high trees.

Variation 2 (Alternative) – an alternative interpretation of the original theme represented by trees of half the height and 4 short blocks.

Variation 3 (Breakpoint) – consists of an interpretation of the theme in "pizzicato", a technique rarely used during Mozart’s lifetime, illustrated by small trees and 3 blocks.

Variation 4 (Modern) – a gradual distortion of the original sound of the first violin through the addition of beats. As the sound becomes modernized, it is depicted by 2 monoliths that replace the trees of the previous variations, symbolizing the transition into a new digital era.

Variation 5 (Futuristic) – The unpredictable and futuristic melody line generated by constant octave jumps illustrates the uncertainty of approaching times and is depicted by 1 massive monolith.

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