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Day Cat, Night Cat



"Day Cat, Night Cat" is my contribution for the Kitty Bungalow Charity event. With this piece I wanted to tell about the complex different personalities that cats can have.

The Day Cat is my parents cat called Peukku. It means thumb in Finnish and she got that name because she has one extra toe on all paws. She's lives in the countryside and has been outdoors cat for all of his life. Shes very cautious as outdoors cats need to be and runs away from most people, but shes known me from a small kitty and I can still nowadays approach her and give her some pats but she usually wants to keep a distance and is definitely not a cat to hold! Sometimes when its quiet and safe, she might go on my parents lap when they watch tv. In summertime she loves to just sleep somewhere in the meadows or in the barn. Her nails are sharp as needles and shes pretty good at catching prey.. although she has gained quite a lot of weight recently.

The night cat is my cat called Kelmi (hard to translate, something like criminal/mischievous in Finnish). He is few years old Bengal cat. Bengals are domesticated from the wild Asian leopard cats and behave like one! Like all Bengals, he is very energetic and playful and needs quite a lot of entertainment to keep him satisfied. His favorite game is to play fetch and has already learned to come literally poke me with his paws to start playing with him when my girlfriend takes our dog out for a walk (that's the time to play or otherwise the doggo steals the toy). He has also no problem keeping up wresting with our dog that's 4 times of his weight. Other fun traits: he loves going outdoors (with harness) to climb trees and he knows his feeding times well enough that before it he will come on my desk to poke me with his head, purrs and acts very lovable until he gets his food. Sometimes though during nighttime his Bengal dna can start to show up and he can get bit aggressive and attack us hoomans. That's the time when you just have to keep the cool and move him to another room to cool down. Overall Bengals are really intelligent and fun cats that can be very lovable but sometimes also bit pain in the ass so a good amount of patience is required with them! Good news, next month we are getting another Bengal kitty!

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Updates twice a day to reflect day / night cycles.

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