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Chromology is a play of colours. It is a generative, participatory and interactive artwork intended to create a collaboration between the artist and the audience. The final generative artwork rests at . The link takes you to a blank canvas. Use your mouse or touch to start drawing and playing with colours. The concept of the artwork was to break away from set forms, and engage in creations which are abstract in nature. In this way, the artwork is intended for "play" as opposed to "make". There are 4 styles of creations controlled by the "Expression" layer. There are 5 colour themes controlled by the "Theme" layer. I believe that a true artist starts by creating/curating his tools of creation. In the same spirit, many of my works hitherto have been on creating tools, digital or otherwise, and then using those tools to create art. Chromology is also created with the same concept in mind.

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