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Satoshi's Desk



The enigma that is Satoshi Nakamoto may well never be solved, Many believe it to be a pseudonym, but for who? A mysterious Group of idividuals ? A lone Cyhper Punk ? The answer is unclear , However, Many Theories have circled the internet. Dorian Nakamoto is a cult legend in the bitcoin Community and a face many recognise, Then there is a long list of OG Cyhper Punks that were experimenting with early Internet Money Payment Systems , Such as Wei Da - B-Money, Adam Back - Hash Cash, Nick Szabo - Bitgold Hal Finney was the first person to work with Satoshi on Bitcoins Creation and many sight the possibility that Hal may well have been the creator of the cryptocurrency , Which ever way you look there are more theories on origins of the number 1 cryptocurrency. Satoshi’s Desk is a programmable piece of Art that places the viewer in the seat of Satoshi, Surrounded by many changable layers, symbolic items representative of Bitcoins History Can be displayed along with choices of Wallpaper, Cypher Punk Posters and much more.

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