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We, humans, are social beings - we can instantly match with the emotions of the people around us. This is due to the fact that we have a particular type of brain cell called - mirror neuron. We emit our emotions and mirror the emotions of others around us.

As organisms who emit and absorb emotions - it is important for us to be aware of the emotional rhythms and mental health of people around us - as we tend to cause them while also changing ourselves to it.

Project Mind Mirror is a portal that would represent the collective emotions of our peers.

Depending on the results of the poll from the dedicated Twitter page @theMindMirror we change the theme of a portal reflecting the emotion of the participants. A new poll would be put out every day and the results would be presented live in form of an abstract art in the mind mirror portal.

The themes of the mind mirror portal would be one of the following,

  • The rejoice The portal would change its theme to green - the colour of prosperity and happiness.

  • The content The portal would change its theme to blue - the colour of calm and peace.

  • The bothered The portal would change its theme to red - the colour of disturbance and anger.

  • The depressed The portal would turn into total darkness and black themed bypassing the rest of the votes if at least 30% of the participants have mentioned 'depressed'. Even a single depressed person is an alarm to the rest of us to watch out for the ones around us and empathise more.

— Links:

  1. Link to Mind Mirror portal: https://mind-mirror.000webhostapp.com/
  2. Link to Twitter poll: https://twitter.com/theMindMirror


  1. https://www.nature.com/articles/ncpneuro0990 [An article from nature on mirror neurons]


  1. We don’t get to know the individual person who has replied to the poll. We have made use of the Twitter API to obtain the results. Only the population results are given to our disposal by Twitter.

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