The Revenge of Kim (2012-2021)

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The Revenge of Kim (2012-2021)



Presenting to the viewer a dramatically charged scene of a killer robot. Based off of a painting of Rubens with the theme of the legend of a Saint, this painting becomes more than a critic of art history. Influenced also by the Artist's recent tours of Japan and China, multiple meanings can be extracted from the contemporary work originally titled, "The Revenge of Asia" The viewer is confronted with an armed robot and a fire breathing dragon, both reminiscent of mythology and legend that combine story elements from the west and east. This work of art also becomes part of a larger critique on current issues revolving around the relationship between these two powers. Combining also the past and present, the modern technologically advanced robot rides waves that remind the viewer of ancient Asian scroll paintings. Today, these waves could symbolize rising ocean levels. The horizon which is made gold, reminds us not only of the commerce of art history but also becomes a reflection of Asia's current pollution problems as it obscures the sun in its haze. The ruthless dictator and human rights violator Kim Jong-un placed alongside new and amazing technological advancements give rise to questions about the true purpose of this new technology and also which political leaders that could control them.

Set to Tokyo time, in observance of the Olympic Games of 2021. This artwork, which was originally created in 2012, and added to the blockchain a decade later, represents a shift from the immortal history of great painting as we move to a digital creator's economy. Ironically, this artwork was conceived before the pandemic and the great rising tides that plague our earth and human condition. Will the block-chain give rise to a larger awareness of the pressing issues of man-kind?


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