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Garden of One



"Garden of One" from creator and photographer Jeremy Cowart is an abstract, passing-of-time, Lightograph NFT powered by Async Art.

Multiple pictures of the single rose were photographed, while Cowart intentionally moved light through the space. 24 images were selected, then collaged together, in order to create a dawn to dusk sort of feel. Async Art's signature time-synchronized approach emphasizes this evolution of light through the course of a day, based upon the creator's timezone.

If the collector so desires, a physical print of one selected stage of the "Garden of One" can be provided.

A "Lightograph" is the patent-pending photography innovation invented by Cowart that evolves light through a still image. No 3D software is used in the process. Learn more at and

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2160 x 3840 px



Updates each hour in a 24-hour cycle.

Current Set Timezone:

(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

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