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Exquisite Frank



Have you ever heard of the game exquisite corpse?

I really miss just sitting around with friends and drawing which is maybe why this game popped into my head recently and inspired this collaborative piece.

It's one of the only games I can think of where everyone wins, is purely creative, and has a surrealist twist. The rules of the game are changeable but it's usually played by folding a paper in thirds. The first person draws a head and folds the paper so the next person can't see what they drew. The next person draws a body and then folds the paper again before passing it to the last person to draw the legs. Each section of the drawing is usually done in a few minutes and are fun, strange, silly, and unexpected.

After all three sections are drawn the paper is unfolded and the reveal is made for the first time, it's like magic!

With "Exquisite Frank" you and the other layer owners collaborate by changing each section of Frank. The collectors are forever linked in a never ending game of exquisite corpse. With this exquisite corpse, because it is digital, you can even change the background and foreground separately in two different layers, mixing the elements of each to create an entirely unique landscape.

Hope everyone has fun playing with Exquisite Frank, especially the token holders. And for anyone who knows the game, I hope this brings back some fond memories, and all of you playing it for the first time I hope it leads to creative play with your friends next time you are hanging out.

Stay creative and keep playing :)

About the structure of the piece -

There are five layers: -Background Layer -Head Section -Body Section -Legs Section -Foreground Layer

There are 25 unique Franks divided in thirds by the head, body, and legs.

There are also 5 black and white backgrounds and foregrounds that can be mixed and matched. Not only do the Franks change, but so does the environment.

There are a total of 390,625 possible combinations.

Ownable Layers

5 (see below)


2160 x 2160 px

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