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Path to Nirvana



This is a puzzle that is the human's "sense of self".

Each of us has 3 parts of "self". The Ego, Super Ego, and Id. Ego is mostly the one representing us. It's what we show to the world. But it alone is not the true "self". How can we be complete when we are only in touch with 1/3 of ourself?

Nirvana frees us from the effects of karma and the cycles of death and birth. In order to get there, we must explore deep into our inner truth.

When you accept, forgive, and love all 3 parts of you, you can be at peace with each and learn to let go. The moment you truly becomes "SELFLESS", Nirvana is here!

In this thought provoking artwork, watch how the 3 versions of "self" work with each other, or NOT, on this journey to Nirvana! Who will show up today? Tomorrow night? Will the Ego let others come out to play? Will the Super Ego finally let its hair down and free the Id? Will they ever reach Nirvana? It's all up to the Layer Owners...

The puzzle is simple, the meaning, complex.

OWNERS BEWARE, this is a piece of art as well as a piece of puzzle, each Layer acts as a gateway to the ones underneath. When you own one of the Layers, you will decide how the identity on that Layer behaves. It's meant to bring awareness to us, reflecting on our actions. The reveals of the inner selves and Nirvana may be very quick, or take a very very long time. It's all meant to mimic the real struggles we have with our "inner selves".

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1800 x 2048 px

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