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Experimental No.3 #7840



Artwork Title: Experimental No.3 #7840 Date of Artwork: 2021 Dimension: 1688 pixel x 2160 pixel Type of Work: Silver Gelatin Photogram, Digital Painting Edition: Unique Note: This artwork is a type of digital art. The hand-made photogram is one of the subjects that compose this piece, and this photogram is not for sale separately whatever in the crypto world or the real world.

Notwithstanding, the beginning of the photography is representational, it ultimately leads to the way of the abstract. Photography has nothing to do with painting, although the thinking of abstractness renders them getting closer and closer. Photography remains the interpretation of "Light", and to express the “Light” is its inescapable responsibility. I find the "Line" could be one of the forms to present the "Light". I apply the "Line", also is the "Light", to destroy a completed and finished photograph, and change it into a new form of art and have a unique way of spreading and viewing. Through this new attempt to keep looking for balance and harmony.

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1688 x 2160 px

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