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FORM FARM yields rare architecture. The FARM has 25 collectible plots. Each plot comes with 15 form options that the owner can modify at any time. In order to successfully “farm” NFTs; plot owners must cooperate with their neighbors to align form-types (cubes, windows, staircases etc.) For example; aligning 3 windows in a row will signal the architect (untitled, xyz) to mint and airdrop a commemorative “window” themed NFT to the owner of each participating plot. Over time, FORM FARM owners are rewarded for their engagement and cooperation with one another.

While the FARM can be used to earn NFTs, it also serves as a consensus mechanism to inform the broader artistic practice of untitled, xyz. Each form comes with a “build” or “burn” option. If a plot owner majority agrees to “burn” a window (for example); untitled, xyz will retire a window form that has been used in a previous artwork. Looking forward, that window form will never be used again. If plot owners agree to “build” a window; untitled, xyz will introduce a new style of window that has never existed before.

Through FORM FARM, plot owners can earn NFTs while guiding the scarcity, abundance and overall evolution of xyz’s art.


A snapshot of the FORM FARM will take place on the 1st of every month at 12:00 AM UTC. At this time, a record of the FARM will be made and published to Twitter (@untitledxyz_) announcing how many new forms and NFTs will be airdropped to plot owners that month.


For a complete set of guidelines, visit:


Ownable Layers

25 (see below)


2160 x 2160 px


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