Lake Garda... WabiSabi in Italy.

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Lake Garda... WabiSabi in Italy.



• TEST THE ARTWORK: before you decide to purchase, you can test and play around with the Master by triggering changes to the States of the Layers (3 Layers + 16 States = 150 possible combinations) by going to this link:

• DESCRIPTION: This artwork is kind of a consequence of the time I spent in Japan during the previous years and of my learning about their culture and the WabiSabi aesthetic principles so dear to the Japanese way of life. Once I got back to Italy I decided to apply these concepts to the beauty of my country and selected Lake Garda as one of the possible options. I spent about 2 weeks going around the lake, waking up very early in the morning to try to catch the right light, the right atmosphere, the fog and the nature waking up to the new day and took about 1000 photographs. Then, to create this NFT digital artwork I spent another 3 weeks putting together, combining and "fusing" these images into a series of possible combinations which not only had to look natural, but, most importantly, had to always reflect what I was looking at and the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

I had a lot of fun creating this artwork, but the intricacy, clarity and smoothness of the combinations was no joke. Perspective, depth of field, main subjects, secondary subjects and backgrounds all had to be thought and imagined during the shooting, much before getting to the editing (which was no joke either). I sincerely hope this can be seen in the final artwork.

This NFT digital artwork is composed of 1 Master, 3 Layers and 16 states which can be triggered from the Layers to change the Master in 150 possible combinations. It is n.5 in the "WabiSabi" NFT Collection.

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2160 x 1215 px