Master Artwork

"Untitled #2", from "Slits in Depth" series (2020/ 2021)



This is the second work from the series of 3D anaglyph images “Slits in Depth”. “Untitled #2” was created and edited during The Great Lockdown. It has five layers: four dynamic and one static.

The background layer (“Exteriors”) presents landscapes photographed during some of my walks in the forest. The middle layer (“Resistance Band”) was shot in my studio with artificial light. And the top three layers (“Interior #1”, “#2” and “#3”) depict geometric architectural details from the place I live.

10% of the sales of the master and its layers is reserved for Acerola Fund (acerola.eth), intended for the purchase of NFTs created by other artists.

Pedro Victor Brandão March, 2021

Ownable Layers

4 (see below)


1920 x 1080 px