Composable Me (Part I: Spring)

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Composable Me (Part I: Spring)



Hello, world—I just minted myself as an interface.

The avatar you see is me, about to embark on a six month creative journey that you co-lead. This is my genesis NFT.

Equip my feet, my hands, and my torso with six unlocked wearables to determine my creative tools, environment, and approach. I will check in with the Master Layer daily, and document the process and results on my socials.

Three dynamic layers each include three state-changes:

  1. Hands = Tools:
  • paint palette & brush - "painting"
  • violin & bow - "music"
  • empty hands
  1. Chest = Environment:
  • coder tee - "digital"
  • burner tee - "analog"
  • blank tee
  1. Feet = Approach:
  • hiking boots - "explorations"
  • tightrope - "exercises"
  • bare feet

How the states of these three layers interact, shapes the output. If wearables remain unchanged, then I'll dive deeper in that direction. If wearables switch often, I'll make that part of the process.

In this way, layer owners can be as hands-on or hands-off as they want. I will keep going regardless. I believe that wonderful things emerge from where chance and intention meet... Also major #fails, which are a part of this too!

Locked Inventory

Every two months, a new NFT unlocks six new wearables, and the previous get retired. The performance moves containers in this way, and I will look to the new Master Layer for creative prompts.

At the end of six months, there will be a surprise gift sent out to the original owners of all three NFTs, as a thank you for being my first supporters and co-creators in this space.

About Me

I've spent the better part of a decade making visual art, and now find myself circling back to my first loves: music and tech. You can get a sense of my work and career at

This project is a blockchain-first interactive performance piece. I hope it inspires others to engage with their own creativity in strange & wonderful new ways. I am sincerely grateful to all my supporters, collaborators, and mentors, past, future, present, and in parallel timelines^^

Showing up every day to create, in relationship to this space and the greater world, is my commitment to approaching life as art—with purpose, playfulness, and a generous misting of magic.

You can find me on IG @weseeclearly, where all my other socials are linked.

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