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Unfairground monthly report



Denizen shadow is the natural-born winner. He wasn't born in this place and nobody remembers when he appeared; seems like he has been living here his whole life. He has a special gift to convince people to believe in whatever he comes up with. Every day he has a new follower. As days are passing and more and more shadows gather around him, also the gossip starts to spread. The month is nearing its end, critical mass is growing bigger and bigger and on the last day of the month, they unmask him. Everybody leaves him and he is alone again. But not for a long. Shadows quickly forget and start to gather around him again. This cycle repeats itself month after month, till the end of the internet...
The first twenty protagonists of this artwork are tokenized under Marko Zubak contract, using Mintbase and Arweave (https://opensea.io/collection/marko-zubak-2). MLIBTY Shadows represent people in general but also shadows behind the curtains, invisible inhabitants you never meet, but you feel their presence. Sometimes they are watching you, sometimes they smile, black and white, no hands and no legs, shadows with faces. One day, this shadow may become a famous protagonist of one of MLIBTY Shadows art pieces. More about the artist: http://www.markozubak.com

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