The Changing Aroma of the Amazon Jungle

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The Changing Aroma of the Amazon Jungle



Amazon jungle had the smell of the rainforest. The wet soil's smell, the strong smell of tropical flowers, an explosion of fresh fragrances from an immense variety of plants combined, the pungent smell of decaying animals, wood and leaves rotting on the jungle floor. The lungs of the planet, one of the main living repository of the world's biodiversity, the home of the Indigenous Peoples, are under attack. Climate change and brutal deforestation in Amazonia are changing their aroma. With the settlers, the extreme climate and wild fires, the sky darkens and arrives the black rain with the smell of smoke and burning. Even the Brazil’s National Museum that kept one of the best collections of indigenous literature and artefacts in the world was eaten by the flames. “This is the greatest loss of indigenous writing in Latin America. Our memory has been erased.”

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