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Brigitte Bardot



This polaroid mosaic depicting French actress and singer Brigitte Bardot is the first of my ICON series. Bardot, one of the first popular culture icons, captivated a generation with her beauty and sense of freedom. She paved the way for countless others to follow and so it made sense to begin my series with her. My piece has 24 different color variations, which change automatically on the hour, like a clock. I designed the colorways specifically for the different times of the day in which they will be active. Let this beautiful and iconic image accompany you through the different stages of your day, no matter where in the world you may be. Bardot illuminated in pink and orange hues will help you ease your way into the day, more muted tones will ensure you stay focused during working hours, and the vibrant colors that play into the night will set the vibes to party the way Bardot did in the 50s. The owner of this token will also receive the 1/1 physical framed polaroid set that I used to create this digital time-lapse. 12 original polaroids in a secret colorway not seen here on Async, framed in a beautiful white frame that measures 20’’ x 15’’ and lets the polaroids do all the talking.

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