Digital Device June 2020

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Digital Device June 2020



Sometimes, things happen by chance or coincidence. During the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve experimented with textures, colors, and optical effects - and an AI software. The aim of this optical study was to see what sensations it could provoke and explore the state of “controlled confusion” it could create, while keeping it simple.

One of the first results of my optical experimentation is this Digital Device. Starting from single lines of various thicknesses, I played with repetition and chromatic clashes, soon realizing these very simple elements could open infinite possibilities and generate countless patterns: the experiment could not be interrupted.

While thinking back at Bruno Munari and the Italian season of Arte Programmata (programmed art) of the 1960s, I looked at the programmable future of it, finding in Async the perfect solution for keeping my artistic exploration and this historical movement alive. Only this time it is the collectors who can play the creator’s part, having the chance to write a new page in the history of programmable art.

To learn more about the creative process and the relevance of this Digital Device in relation to the tradition of Arte Programmata you can check out the brief manual at

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