Phase Space #2: DivergencesFractal Seller

Fractal Seller

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Fractal Seller

Master Artwork
Phase Space #2: DivergencesPhase Space #2: Divergences
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Iteration and repetition! Natural beauty in its purest form! We do not really change over time, we merely become more like ourselves! The part of infinity we can behold! Patterns of patterns of patterns! Reflections of all systems to be found here, plants, biology, the formation of galaxies, the swirls of clouds! Scale invariance par excellence! Self similar visual systems stimulating internal pattern recognition algos of variety, growth, energy, and life!

Owner of the Geometry Seller Layer can try out several different sales pitches for their items as well as try to pitch several different versions of the items themselves.


2048 x 2048 px

Master Artwork

Phase Space #2: Divergences

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