Year of the 0xCryptic Mandala - by King Debs

Cryptic Mandala - by King Debs

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Cryptic Mandala - by King Debs

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Year of the 0xYear of the 0x
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The artwork is written is a codified calligraphy script which I developed as artist by drawing inspiration from different indigenous tribes and traditions across the globe . The words in the mandala read "Year of the ox- Bull run" . And this is meant to be optimistic gaze on the volatile environment that is crypto. It's also a response to the theme under the same words, "Year of the ox". The three states represent different moments in time as the world goes through it's own organic shifts in quarterly cycles. The the three different Mandala states represent minted "digital gold" pieces, a synthesis of the digital environment's natural element mined through the blockchain.


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Year of the 0x

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