Year of the 0xRabbit - by ThePerfesser

Rabbit - by ThePerfesser

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Rabbit - by ThePerfesser

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Year of the 0xYear of the 0x
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I'm quick to rest and slow to be quick but quick I will be if I must in a tick. A trick batch of digits on top for a hitch, Your binary wishes have granted a glitch <3

The only wish now: to proceed unimpaired; dared to be damned and damned if I'm dared. A hare one might say, though a little mislabeled. Queue up track 2 if you want me disabled.

Alas I must run, hide and seek from down under. Where thunder can't find me I sometimes seek cover. Search far and wide but don't wake me from slumber, I'll go incognito, your mind can't but wonder.


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Year of the 0x