Year of the 0xTiger (Tigress) - by Reina Koyano

Tiger (Tigress) - by Reina Koyano

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Tiger (Tigress) - by Reina Koyano

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As someone who enjoys creating female characters inspired by objects, both animate and inanimate, “Tigress” was an opportunity to experiment. Inside the shell of the Tiger lives a Tigress, a woman I drew inspired by the spirit and the symbolism of a tiger. The image of the Tigress was then placed through multiple video processes: 1 process for Tigress_Daiichi-Keitai (“First Form”), 2 processes for Tigress_Daini-Keitai (“Second Form”), and 3 processes for Tigress_Daisan-Keitai (“Third Form”). The Tigress progressively morphs into patterns due to multiple levels of technical errors, resulting in mesmerizing patterns. I imagine creativity and imagination in today’s digital art space, in the form of this “algorithmic liquid”, oozing out of objects we find inspirational.


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