Year of the 0xHorse - by LUVRworldwide

Horse - by LUVRworldwide

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Horse - by LUVRworldwide

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Year of the 0xYear of the 0x
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Title: Powerful Horse of Grace

She flows with the freedom of water, thrives on independence, and gracefully follows dreams into the sunset. Happiness drives action in every dimension, connecting our spirits with heaven and earth. It's all about the journey... helping us explore the world around us and discover universes within and without.  Each layer state is a snapshot of the Horse's world in virtual reality.

  1. The face is how we see the world.
  2. The full body galloping in the river represents our interactive flow with the world.
  3. The horse within its symbol reminds us of our connection to mythological and spiritual powers beyond the physical world. Explore the immersive experience:


1200 x 1200 px

Master Artwork

Year of the 0x

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