Year of the 0xYOTO - by Niels Broszat

YOTO - by Niels Broszat

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YOTO - by Niels Broszat

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Year of the 0xYear of the 0x
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Being part of a collaboration that has the united intention to make a great work of art can go two ways: either you adopt each others style and create something with one focus - movies are made like that - or you celebrate the differences between individual members to achieve something unexpected. It is plain to see what we’ve been doing. Because we could add multiple layers to the work, I wanted to try out even more styles, but I did feel responsible for the end result of all layers combined, so I kept an eye on the masterplan while creating.

Blue layer To fill up/decorate a shape comes naturally to me, I do it all the time. In this layer I used elements of a physical painting and used it as Chinese filigrees. Then I started to paint digitally, changed colors, took pieces out, pasted some parts back, messed up some pixels: it was rock ’n roll.

Yellow/orange layer In the yellow/orange layer I jumped from Photoshop to Illustrator and back. I created a pattern out of huge digital stained glass windows (>3 meters high), cropping them into minuscule fragments and changed their vanishing point, so that this layer will effect the overall image of the combined work. And of course I could not resist to distort some elements in here as well.

Yellow layer The last layer has a background of paper fiber. I took it out of a high res photo from a “Spades Drawing” (also minted as NFT). I wanted this layer to be soft and less chaotic. I used a lot of painter brushes in Photoshop to correct what I had previously painted.

Now that all three layers are finished, the owner really has something to choose from. I think that is really cool!


1000 x 1000 px

Master Artwork

Year of the 0x

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