Year of the 0xxingge_ziran - by ejthek

xingge_ziran - by ejthek

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xingge_ziran - by ejthek

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Year of the 0xYear of the 0x
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finding inspiration in the natural beauty of the Chinese landscape, these layer states allow the viewer to contemplate the physical environments of water, earth and sky and their metaphorical concepts in the context of the larger collaborative work. original digital artistry by ejthek [2021]. state 01 >> as blooms floating serenely, water lilies are aptly considered optimistic symbols of delight and happiness. state 02 >> bamboo shoots grow with impressive speed into towering stalks with astonishing resilience and internal strength. state 03 >> pillars of stone rise majestically to great heights, withstanding the assault of blustery winds and affording rare views from the top.


1600 x 1600 px

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Year of the 0x

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