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I created "Onward" to honor the people that have contributed, and continue to contribute to the greater goal of an open society. A Cypherpunk's Manifesto was written by Eric Hughes on March 9,1993. It was a declaration and commitment to create technologies that protect our rights of privacy. Eric, David Chaum, Adam Back, Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, and Wei Dai are just a handful of leaders that changed our way of life with their dedication to writing code. Their contributions were the foundations of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin. The manifestos last word is onward, which you see the subject in the artwork gazing up towards. She has committed to joining this movement. She wears the bitcoin gas mask as protection from our current world of fiat. At the bottom of the piece you see the date of the manifesto anchoring the artwork. Its a reminder that this journey has been travelled by many before us, and will continue to be travelled by many after us. "Let us proceed together apace. Onward.


1200 x 1600 px

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