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Eight NomadsEight Nomads
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Lilies, these beautiful flowers resisted decay through countless battles and harsh climates. They carry the thoughts of those who no longer walk these plains.

Gloden Bats, valuable allies or ferocious enemies, these blind tiny glimmering creatures live in wintry areas and are fairly rare.

Carnelian Crystals, harder than the most dense matter known to the universe, the formation of tainted wurtzite boron nitride frames the path to enlightenment.

Damascus Palms, crimson coated vegetation-like looking plants dense in the forest of Formarion, so sharp and robust that anything accidentally brushing past them will splinter, even emotions.

Kings Glory, they say these arrows were shot by the Golden bow thousands of years ago, still remain in the rocks they pierced during the siege of Kings Glory.

Obsidian Frame, like someone pieced together a spiderweb and a molecule of iron. Rather crude and a bit retro. Used to detect certain energies by echoing their vibrations through these intricate formations.

Ruins of Anna, what remains after the untold waves of barbarians devastated the lands of Evrand. Many mysteries still linger in these relics.

Ice Floes, the calm before the storm. Spirits say this beautiful manifestation usually precedes the apparition of Hira, the last judgement.


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Master Artwork

Eight Nomads

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