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Eight NomadsEight Nomads
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Twin's Heads, can raise the dead to fight alongside our hero. It allows the user to slice and smash stones as if they were butter. The source of its power is darkness.

Four of Swords, these magic daggers glow faintly when in darkness. The metal parts are ornate. It strengthens the owner's will and allows it to safely go without food or drink.

Ethereum Crystals, shine constantly as if wet, but never rust. It can surround its owner in a cloak of flame. It is part of a set.

Lesser Trinity, coated in the rarest silver. It creates solid walls of light that seem to constantly rumble with thunder. The grip is twined with gold wire. It shoots lightning bolts and has several related powers.

Golden Bow, cannot be touched by anyone but the owner. The source of its power is its owner's wrath. As far as anyone knows, it is in the wrong hands.

Muramasa, the daemon blade. Sharper than then the holy harp's strings. Capable of splitting a soul will. Drenched in indelible stains from past sins.

Chain Reaction, these twin icicles prevent all other magic from being used nearby. Legends say when a hero comes in sight of the double diamonds, his tale is coming to an end.


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Master Artwork

Eight Nomads

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