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Maly, the crimson guardian. Protector ot he sacred lands, seeks to become an instructor at the School of Artifice.

Sane, is deceitful and destructive. Seeks revenge against the kingdom which exiled her, hunting those who betrayed her in this life and in the next.

Nefre, the assassin. Reserved and vengeful, springs from temporal breaches to jump between planes and purify evil spirits.

Joycie, is valiant and impatient. Seeks the meaning of an ancient prophecy foretold, united with the strings of the cosmos. Capable of vibrating the space texture at will.

Dafne, is impossibly lucky. She refers to herself in the third person dancing through the fabric of time and existence. Conjured from the purest gold dust, aethereal dreams surround this beautiful hero.

Marey, is fearless and alluring. Searching for the ancient artifact of evil. The blade of the god. Not gifted with the power of her mother, desperately seeks the secret of immortality.

Fari, has an angular face and light hazel eyes. Sadistic and craven Fari speaks with a shrill voice. Quiet mysterious traveler.

Hira, the glacial sorceress. Older then creation itself, a manifestation of crystalised temporal matter. Hira appears when the universe's fate is at stake, tilting the odds in its favour.


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Master Artwork

Eight Nomads

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