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Eight NomadsEight Nomads
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Formarion, a barren realm of grey peaks, rough-hewn canyons, and trackless deserts. The realm is primarily populated by elves, with a few humans.

Enon, a medieval realm of towering mountains, misty valleys, and vast forests. The realm is primarily populated by elves, with a few halflings. The elves of Enon are infamous as powerful warlocks.

Ellorthon, a supernatural realm of carnelian crystalline mountains and misty valleys, where a day passes in only eight hours.

Dago, an abyssal plane of volcanic mountains and acid lakes, illuminated by three crimson suns. The plane is primarily populated by demons and efreet.

Zepha, a heavenly world of silver peaks, golden forests and azure seas, beneath a rainbow sky illuminated by a golden sun. The world is the domain of Hielel, a demi-goddess of beauty, and is populated by angels.

Linione, an elemental realm of faceted stone and razor-sharp crystal. An elemental plane of ashen chasms and deserts of shattered obsidian, beneath clouds of cinders and ash.

Evrand, an elemental plane of smouldering hills, rivers of mercury, and frozen seas. Countless battles have been fought here.


2160 x 2160 px

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Eight Nomads

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