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The Girl

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The Girl

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The DissipationThe Dissipation
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The Girl does not have a name. She never had. Is not like anyone cares about her name. She is just another girl, like every other girl. And like every girl she had to learn. To behave. Because if the girl does not behave herself, she gets eaten. Eating girls is common practice, you know. They do it all the time. And nobody looks. And nobody knows.

Just the girl and the mouth.

The first Girl lost her cause since the beginning. The Eye saw her, and since then she bears the mark. The marks. It was only one time, but her skin is already pierced by the thorns. And the thorns never leave her.

The second Girl just lost her mind. You see, when you're young you can hide in the void, but after thirteen the void is not so safe. Because you can see what happened, you can count every teeth. So the Girl chooses to open all her eyes and finally embrace it. She can't be seen by anyone but herself and the hand that holds her.

The final Girl is already dead. She buried herself deep, constructed a pretty mask, and start living her life. She only takes her mask off when she is alone in front of a mirror when she can see the damage, alone. That is when she sees all the eyes, all the voids, the mouths, the teeth, and the thorns.

Maybe one day she can heal. Not today.


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Master Artwork

The Dissipation

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