Cyber WatchThe Life and Times of Mrs. Malda - Ytje Veenstra

The Life and Times of Mrs. Malda - Ytje Veenstra

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The Life and Times of Mrs. Malda - Ytje Veenstra

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The painting of De Nachtwacht depicts members of a militia, founded to protect citizens against robbers and enemy outside forces. This made me think about my grandmother, who, at nineteen, was a member of the Resistance in the North of the Netherlands during World War II. She smuggled supplies and weapons past German checkpoints. After the war, she declined a royal decoration, offered by the Queen, because she was convinced being in the Resistance was her civil duty. I depicted my grandmother three times: as a young girl, as a nineteen year old during the war(with a royal decoration) and as a grandmother. Her eldest son emigrated to the United States when he was young, to build a farm of his own there. My grandmother would phone him in the middle of the night, so she could talk to him before he had to milk the cows. My grandparents' house was full of trinkets and souvenirs from the U.S. I was mesmerized by them and the promise they held of a mythical land. Though I am acutely aware that the U.S. is not the promised land I thought it was when I was little, I'm still fascinated with the country. It reverberates through my art and I have my grandmother to thank for it. She was the gateway. Since she liked to knit and stitch when she was alive, I immortalized her in a cross-stitch, doubling as pixel art. She's on the phone, in a night dress with airmail colours. The Netherlands and the United States are mended together, symbolizing family ties and the way I create art.


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