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Marvelous Fire - FtrSaroth

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Marvelous Fire - FtrSaroth

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This layer is made up of 3 images that represent important stages in my life. As a teenager I was drawn to the ideology embodied in the writings of Ricardo Flores Magón (state 1). As a practitioner of esoterism I found myself fascinated by the meaning of Key 9 of the Tarot and Hermes Trismegistus (state 2) as well as the powerful idea of the Primordial Source, represented by Isis, who cannot be unveiled by anyone other than herself (state 3 ). The artistic style used in the 3 layers is derived, as a tribute, from the style of the artist J. Guadalupe Posadas, born in the same city as me

The three states were hand drawed on bond paper with pencils, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Staedtler Mars Matic 700. Colored with Sharpie Neon Markers. Digitally worked with MirrorLab, GlitchLab, Gimp and Krita.


1000 x 1000 px

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